mardi 20 mars 2012

My room - Song with lyrics

It's only a room, but it's my room!

My Room!

It's only a room,
But it's my room.
My space, my base,
My place in the world.

Brown bears stare
from a ledge up above.
I don't play with them now
but can't give them the shove.
They're stuffed
too full of love.

On the floor: a pair and a half
of socks,
a bundle of keys,
without locks,
a pair of goggles
in a box.
It's only a room,
but it's my room.
Somewhere to go,
somewhere to sleep,
somewhere to be sent,
somewhere to hide,
somewhere to cry,
somewhere to dress,
somewhere to think,
somewhere to be.
Steve Turner

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